Every 14th day of the month in Korea

Hello! I gonna tell you today about some korean holidays.

February 14, although not a day off, and not marked in the calendar in red, but still important. For sure, everyone knows the history of this holiday. So I will not repeat myself, but I will immediately go to reality. I remember, at school, it was about 15 years ago, about a week before Valentine’s Day, a big box was put in the school foyer, in which everyone was throwing Valentines (special cards, usually in the form of hearts) for their loved ones and friends. Then responsible schoolchildren (usually they were on duty) packaged all the collected valentines, and on February 14 acted as school postmen and distributed valentines to the addressees. And so it was every year. Funny years were. Eh, childhood, childhood …

In Korean schools there are no such traditions. In South Korea this holiday is perceived somewhat differently. No, it is, of course, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or rather one of the days of all lovers.

A bit of history
Valentine’s Day in South Korea appeared in 1980. He was brought here by the Japanese. And this day was considered very important, because it was on this day that lovers confessed to each other in the most secret, sincere and tender feelings. However, there was already such a day in Korea, the Day of All Lovers, and it was celebrated on March 6. On this day lovers, hiding from prying eyes, ate together the fruits of the ginkgo tree. In the ancient books of the reign of the Joseon Dynasty, it is said that there is female ginkgo and masculine. And only when both trees «look» at each other, the fruits of love appear to the light. Over time, old legends are forgotten, replaced by new ones, and on March 6, modern youth no longer notes.


February 14 in South Korea — is a day of lovers, but at the same time, one of the most important men’s days of the year. It is on this day in Korea that girls give gifts to their boys. And men just kindly accept them and rejoice. And as usual, the girls give chocolate. Therefore, on the eve of the holiday counters of all shops in Korea are filled with different chocolates wrapped in beautiful gift wrappers.

In da supermarket
Promotions due to Valentines’ Day

You probably think: «Wow! And what about the girls? It’s not fair! «But everything has its time …

Exactly a month later, March 14, in Korea, though unofficially, the White Day is celebrated and there comes a time when the guys fork out gifts and give presents to the girls. It is believed that the guy on February 14, having received a confession from a girl (in the form of a chocolate bar), should decide whether he takes her feelings. If yes, he gives her sweets in return on March 14, and if not, the girl is left alone with her feelings. And for those men who already are in a relationship, March 14 is the day of a return gift to their beloved girls.

Korean supermarkets last year

It takes another month and on the yard — Black Day. The name itself already hints at the meaning of this day. April 14 is a day of lonely hearts, those who do not have a second half. And it is customary on this day to eat Chinese noodles in the black sauce of Chajanmen. And by the way, on this black day new pairs are born. After all, having come to a cafe to eat black noodles, it’s easy to understand who else is alone, just like you …

Noodles in a black souce

These three 14 days are the most famous in Korea, but there are 9 others, and there are lovers who celebrate these days in a circle in their calendars.

May 14 is a day of roses or a yellow day. Those who are still unlucky in love, even sharing the black noodle on April 14, dress in yellow colors and eat the square (a Korean dish in a special sauce of spices). In addition, in mid-May, roses usually blossom. In a word, the ideal time for perfect dates.

The time of the first visits has passed, it’s time to celebrate the Day of Kisses (KissDay) — June 14. Although, someone else calls this day and afternoon mugs. But this is a rather rare case. After all, if you are offered a mug or a kiss, what will you choose?

July 14 is a more serious day. Usually, young people and students are not densely in their pockets, but they want a date, and they should also give presents to their beloved ones. On this day lovers introduce their esteemed «elders» (parents, relatives) with their second half. Those, in turn, go together with the youth in a cafe or pay «expenses for a date or for gifts». By the way, this day is called Silver day or Ring Day, because some give each other silver rings.

August 14 is usually considered a Green Day (GreenDay). Enamored couples simply enjoy the last warm summer days. And lonely hearts gather together and drink Korean alcohol Soju. Soju is sold in green bottles, so this day is called a green day.

Soju bottles during the festival

Time goes by, it’s time your «halves» to «bring to light» and introduce them to friends. On September 14th is Day of Music and it’s enamored go to a club and represent the half to friends. Another day is called a day of photos and a couple is taking pictures and exchanging photos to be always and everywhere together.

October 14 is also a holiday, and this is Red Day (RedDay) or Wine Day (Wine Day). On this day lovers drink red wine. Probably, this day would have liked the Italians and the French, although they have a wine day for almost 365 days a year.

Orange Day, Movie Day or Cookie day. There are a lot of names, and the date is November 14. On this day we drink orange juice, go to the movies and give each other cookies.

The last month of the year and the last 14 days are December 14. This is Money Day and Hug day. There is love and from a distance, because on this day instead of a gift they send their beloved money, usually men do it. And those who are closer, gently embrace each other. And still, this day is called the Day of socks and gives socks. This is already a hint of the upcoming Christmas.

We still have one more 14, January 14. It’s Diary Day or Helloday. Someone on this day gives his diary, which led the whole past, his second half. It is also believed that this is the beginning of the year, and if the first to greet a person who you like, then between you love will surely be born!

Ediya Coffee organized a concert due to the Valentine’s day

Love and be loved! I wish that April 14 bypassed you, and on August 14 you did not drink Soju, but enjoyed the beautiful weather with your loved ones!




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