[Korean Culture] About food and drinks

Читать на русском языке…

Everyone knows that Asian culture is special. So, let’s have a journey to Korea and learn some facts about Korean culture.

In the beginning, when I just came to Korea, I had a cultural shock. I didn’t speak Korean and when I went to the cafe I faced some troubles. Why? I didn’t know how to order food because the menu was in Korean. So I ordered something, that even don’t know and when my food came I just tried to realize what is it.

The local people don’t speak English so well. So if you think that you can try to ask them what is what on the menu just forget about it. Especially, if a waitress is a woman around 50 years old.


The common menu in Korean cafe

Usually, in Korean cafes serve a few plates with salads which are free of charge. And if you finished your salad and want it more you can ask waitress and she will bring it. That is really good point. Lunch in Korean cafes costs approximately 10-15 dollars. Of course, if it is not a fancy store. And you pay on the exit.


If you want cakes or something sweet you should go to bakery store or coffee shop because common restaurants don’t have sweets. But some of them have free mix-coffee.

Korean people are coffee-lovers. They prefer to drink coffee instead of tea. And it’s like a tradition to drink coffee after food.

Korean food culture is unusual. There are some types of dishes which are served in a big pot and you share it with your friends. Yeah, we share a pizza with friends, but eating altogether from the same pot is a little bit different. Some people find it disgusting.

A big pot of soup

By the way, food portions are pretty huge. Once, me and two of my friends ordered 1 portion of soup and shared it. And you know what?! We couldn’t finish it. But, Korean girls eat a lot! And they find the way how to stay skinny.

90% of stores are food stores

You will never be starving in Korea because there are so many food stores. Sometimes in front of some cafes, people are standing in the line. And sometimes they wait for 30-60 mins. Maybe, they think that if there are many people so the food in the cafe is really yummy.

And what about alchohol?

Korean people do drink alcohol and they drink kinda a lot. And sometimes elder people even force to drink. And if you reject them it means you don’t respect them. Weird.


During the student festival at university. The soju smell is everywhere

Students drink with their professors 1-2 times a semester.

When Korean people drink they don’t have any special speeches, they play games. And there are so many ‘Alchohol games’…

When you drink with elder people you should turn to on side and then drink. So you show your respect to the opponent.



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