Few facts about Korean language

  • Korean was introduced to the world in XV century by king Sejon and it was named Hangeul. 
1st Korean writings
  • There are 6 level in Korean language test.  1 & 2 levels are basic, 3 & 4 are intermediate and 5 & 6 are advanced levels. If you pass exam on 5th or 6th level it means you are kinda fluent in Korean. By the way, not all Koreans can pass 5th or 6th level. Maybe because of grammar.

  • There are about 5 different dialects in Korean language. Different regions in Korea have different dialect. The strongest dialect is in Jeju island.
  • Korean language is one of the most polite languages in the world. Depends on the opponent age, status, position etc you should use different words and forms of speech.
  • Koreans use 2 types of numerals: Korean and Chinese. It is important to remember when and which numbers to use. For example, when we talk about time, for ‘hours’ we use Korean numbers and for ‘minutes’ we use Chinese numbers.
Love to Hangeul


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